The Tools, Tricks and Know-How for Success in 2018  


Have your company leaders ever stood up and preached the mantra of “Working Smarter, Not Harder?” We bet they have.

Okay, let’s not trash it. Work smarter, not harder is a good saying that hits all the right notes. It speaks  innovation and productivity. That’s great. It talks about taking the daily grind out of your work. Who doesn’t love that bit? Oh, and it says we’re smart too. We’ll take that.

Yep, it’s a good one.


Putting Work Smarter, Not Harder into Practice

Has anyone ever explained what “work smarter, not harder” looks like in practice?

Yes, of course they have. Except they inevitably run up against “Okay, but …” or “Well, maybe in theory …” That’s the normal reaction to any change idea.

At Ceterna, we’re committed to getting you working smarter without running up against those irritating roadblocks. Through hundreds of successful projects, we’ve come to realise your decision to pursue positive, productive change must have multiple parts, including:

  • A solid strategy defining your priorities;  
  • The best tools; and
  • A dependable implementation plan.

Let’s have a look at what’s contained in each of these pillars.


1. Strategy: Defining Your End-Game  

So, you want to do things smarter? At its most fundamental, your company focuses on:

  • Selling
  • Service
  • Marketing

In each case, being “smarter” means automating as much as possible, integrating the selling, service and marketing functions, and focusing a customer-centric perspective.

These requirements point to one tool – Salesforce.


2. Technology: Choosing the Right Tools

Salesforce is the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform. It’s designed to align sales and marketing campaigns, build partnerships and relationships, serve customers, and give your reps and managers instant access to data that helps make better decisions.

When we talk about “smarter, not harder”, two attributes are leading the way.

  • Salesforce is 100% Cloud-based. With no software to install or hardware to maintain, Salesforce grows along with your organisation while empowering mobility as your people and teams can access the Salesforce platform on their smartphones, tablets or laptops.
  • Salesforce leverages the power of AI. Salesforce Einstein leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take large quantities of data and drive predictive analytics.

Today’s Salesforce has truly become a “customer success platform.”


3. Taking Action: Your Implementation Plan

Even the best ideas and tools are only effective when they’re part of a proper implementation plan. A solid implementation plan focuses on:

  • Optimising Salesforce’s overall capabilities;
  • Integrating seamlessly with your existing systems;
  • Working with your business processes; and
  • Giving access to your field reps.

A proper implementation plan will ensure the solution works without interrupting your business operations.

However, implementing a new solution – even a Cloud-based solution like Salesforce — takes time, people and energy. We recommend you maximise Salesforce’s capabilities by leveraging the expertise and experience of a managed services provider.


Get Smart! Now!

Working “smarter, not harder” is not just a cute saying. It’s a real possibility. With the right strategy, tools and implementation plan, we can automate, integrate and focus your resources for greater business outcomes.


Ceterna can help

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