As part of his Dreamforce ’17 keynote address, Marc Benioff, the founder, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, shared the company’s vision on the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Benioff explained that the first industrial revolution was steam power in the 1700s. The second was electricity in the 1800s, while the third was computing in the 1990s.

Today we are on the cusp on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), driven by “Artificial Intelligence.” AI is all around us, and every industry is striving to deliver advanced AI solutions.

Salesforce is at the forefront of the 4IR, with Salesforce Einstein providing benefits across the suite of Cloud solutions and in every part of the Salesforce platform. The solution continues to strengthen as it evolves – the Winter ’18 release set out 16 new features. Moreover, early last year, Salesforce and IBM announced a landmark partnership of its AI platforms – Einstein and Watson, respectively – to enable a new level of customer engagement.

It’s a lot to be excited about.


Why Salesforce Users Love Artificial Intelligence (And Why We Do Too!)

John Ball, Salesforce’s SVP Einstein General Manager, told Dreamforce ‘17: “The AI revolution is already transforming the commercial world and the work world.”  He’s right. Salesforce Einstein drives your predictive capacity – your ability to forecast and plan with confidence.

Let’s see how.  


Artificial Intelligence Personalises Customer Service

We should start with your customer experience. Too many people believe AI takes the personal element out of customer interactions, but nothing could be further from the truth.

When it’s done properly, AI-driven communications feel more personalised than anything that went before. Einstein helps every Salesforce Cloud identify your customers’ preferences, priorities, schedules, needs and trajectories. John Ball states: “It’s all about helping us to do our jobs better by focusing on the customer.”


Salesforce Users Embrace Customisation

Still not convinced that people love a personalised service? Look at the way people use the solution. Salesforce customers love customising their applications. Today, more than 80 percent of all the customer records held in Salesforce are in customised objects.  

As Salesforce adds Einstein to all the Clouds, you can hear users asking, “What about all my custom apps that I’ve made with Sales and Service Cloud?”

The myEinstein feature allows every user to build their own AI-driven apps. The Einstein Prediction Builder gives any administrator the power to predict any field in Salesforce, right from set-up. This feature draws on your comprehensive customer database to help create predictions.


Einstein Drives Sales Confidence  

Functions such as “Einstein’s lead scoring” make a direct impact. The lead scoring examines the customer’s lead list and gives each lead a score for “propensity to convert.” Without delay, the solution can immediately offer a “Projected Lift” – a predicted increase in lead conversions. It gives an extra level of confidence.


Let’s Not Forget Mobility

The analytical output is available on everyone’s mobile devices. Every sales leader can access their forecasts on their mobile phone.  


Are You Ready for Salesforce Einstein?  

As Artificial Intelligence grows, companies (if they’re smart) will be moving quickly to take advantage of the benefits.

Is your company ready?

Here’s how to get started: check the Einstein Readiness Assessor. It’s a simple organisational check that helps you to determine which Salesforce Einstein features you’re ready for.

Then there’s Ceterna Group, the Salesforce experts. We’ve worked with firms of all sizes and of various business models. We can advise you on how to take your CRM to the next level, with Salesforce Einstein.


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