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Salesforce: Empowering your Sales Reps and Service Agents

Salesforce: Empowering your Sales Reps and Service Agents

Think Salesforce is just an executive tool? Think again.

Techies love talking about Salesforce features like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics. It’s advanced technology, for sure.  

But when you’re a business owner, you’re occupied by those day-to-day activities where your people interact with customers. These include:

  • Sales reps quoting and closing deals, and
  • Service reps delivering great service.

Good business increasingly means conducting those interactions with consistency, coordination and mobility.

There are two Salesforce tools that will move with speed and confidence across the entire cycle: from submitting the initial quote to closing the deal, then delivering the product, invoicing the sale, and providing any follow-up service.

Let’s have a look.

For the Sales Reps: Quote to Cash by SteelBrick

In today’s marketplace, with your company moving quickly and across vast areas, most quotes are created by reps in the field.

Salesforce has a tool for this. Salesforce’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) feature is provided by the power of SteelBrick Quote-to-Cash. It empowers your team to:

  • Build easy and accurate quotes
  • Create faster and cleaner proposals and contracts
  • Streamline billing and revenue-handling

Steelbrick Quote to Cash easily configures unique solutions for each customer, and automatically creates contracts and orders. Of course, the feature is fully integrated in the Salesforce platform, so your sales, finance, operations and logistics teams are automatically updated as the process unfolds.

It’s the perfect way to kick off a positive, long-standing customer experience.   

CPQ puts greater precision and speed in the hands of your reps. The app creates quotes:

Faster CPQ aligns in real-time with your company’s pricing, timelines, and delivery schedule

Precisely At the same time, CPQ incorporates your customer’s specific needs for products and services

AccuratelyCPQ automatically incorporates your company’s pricing structure, including volume discounts, percent-of-total subscriptions, pre-negotiated contract pricing, channel and partner pricing

Professionally – The CPQ quote is not a slip of paper slid across the table. It’s a professional document consistent with your brand and document identity standards

CPQ integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.

The potential is significant.

David, Construction Project Manager

Consider the case of David, a project manager for a UK construction firm. David is rarely in the company’s home office. Instead he’s where he should be – on the road visiting customers and building sites around the UK.

A big part of David’s role is estimating the cost of construction projects. Furthermore, industry is competitive, and it’s not long into a discussion before David’s contacts interrupt him to say, “How much will this cost?”

The traditional way to respond to this situation is for David to return to the office, call suppliers, consult tables and draft a quote. Then David would return the client site, present the quote, and continue the conversation.

Imagine if the conversation didn’t stop half-way through that initial site visit. Imagine if David could take that initial meeting right from scope through the contract, and do so accurately, precisely and consistent with his firm’s overall pricing and customer strategy.

CPQ makes it’s possible.

For the Service Agents: Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL)

Another key element to that great customer experience is the speed and precision you respond to customer needs and how you provide them with solutions. Responding to people’s homes or business locations, you need an effective Field Service Management tool. Salesforce says it best when it comes to  excelling at field service, this involves having a thorough understanding of “Who does what, how, when, where and for whom?”

As they say here, effective Field Service Management means paying attention to many players:

  • Customers who need support;
  • Service agents who take the calls and create the work orders;
  • Dispatchers who assign the work to the mobile employee who has the time, expertise and location;
  • The mobile employee who receives the work order and makes an onsite visit to complete the job.

Turning these players into a coordinated, precise, effective network requires a sophisticated tool.

That’s where Field Service Lightning (FSL) comes in.

FSL connects agents, dispatchers and mobile employees on one platform. The feature streamlines operations across the entire service chain, making sure the customer experience is seamless.

Surpassing Customer Expectations

Customers around the world have higher expectations. They expect quick, seamless interactions. How many times have you heard someone complain that the technician arrived at the end of their four-hour service window? Today people expect Uber-like responses where they can see real-time updates on how long their service response will take and what’s the status of the progress.

With Steelbrick Quote-to-Cash and Salesforce Field Service Lightning, your company can provide that seamless customer experience people are looking for.

Your Next Growth Strategy

Is your company ready for CPQ or FSL? Ceterna can help you determine the way forward.  

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