Salesforce Social Studio Puts the Power in Your Hands


Growing enterprises already know that their social media presence is fundamental to their online image.

However, that’s only the beginning. The social media landscape has grown deeper and wider, and today social media is essential to your customer strategy and overall brand management.

Salesforce, the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, includes Social Studio, an easy-to-use solution for managing your social media activities.

As part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Social Studio drives seamless interaction with your partners, customers and audience, while improving collaboration among your sales, marketing and service teams.

Social Studio offers tangible benefits for collaboration, content and competitive advantage. Let’s have a look at its key benefits.


The 360-Degree Customer View

The goal is maintaining a 360-degree customer view while driving an insightful and responsive customer experience. The solution empowers you to:

  • Listen to what your customers are saying
  • Assess their sentiments
  • Respond with high impact content
  • Interact with customers according to their needs
  • Direct customers to the appropriate areas

Social Studio engages customers and prospects along their journey with your brand.


Driving Collaboration and Seamless Connectivity

Social Studio connects your marketing, service and sales teams. The platform improves customer experience by engaging customer interactions, redirecting them to the right place, while informing your agents and reps where the customers are coming from.


Greater Content: A Single Platform for Publishing Content

Social media begins with the content. Social Studio is the place where you will build collaborative workspaces so teams can drive your social media campaigns. Your team will be able to:

  • Quickly add new content
  • Set up an approval workflow
  • Access the highest performing, pre-approved content
  • Plan, publish and share your content
  • Boost organic content – set the schedule and the budget


Big Picture View of Social Environment

Social Studio gives you the ability to analyse conversations on your social media channels. You leverage the solution to monitor the social web for real-time market, customer and competitive intelligence.


The Power of Social Media

It’s time to integrate a 360-degree customer view into your business strategy.

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