Salesforce Pardot makes B2B marketers nimble and fast


The speed of today’s marketplace can be intimidating. However, when you see companies leveraging Salesforce Pardot – aligning teams, changing course and reacting to opportunities – you start getting inspired by what’s possible.

Pardot is the full-featured marketing automation tool that’s easy to use. It integrates with your Salesforce CRM and your email marketing apps.

Pardot marketing automation by Salesforce gives you everything you need to drive demand, nurture leads and drive results.


Alignment between Marketing and Sales

The first step, before you start mapping out strategies and driving growth, is aligning the company’s sales and marketing teams.

As you know, the relationship between sales and marketing is essential. Marketing creates the demand. Sales fulfills the demand.   

The two teams already collaborate, but it must be seamless. Sales and marketing must be on the same page, or in digital terminology: the same platform.

Pardot is the app that blurs the lines between marketing and sales.

Let’s dive into how it works.


How Pardot Users Move Faster

Pardot drives a faster path to success with easy-to-use marketing automation and lead-generation tools. With your marketing and sales teams working together from the initial campaigns through the entire sales journey, you’ll know which prospects are likely to buy at any moment.

The app has some great benefits.


Creating Customised Campaigns and Sharing Great Content 

Pardot has a drag-and-drop interface to help you quickly create automated campaigns, as well as templates for beautifully branded emails.  With sales and marketing aligned on the same platform, marketing shares the campaigns with sales teams so they can send them directly to prospects.


Driving a Unique Customer Journey

Pardot helps guide prospects through a personalised buying journey based on their behaviours, demographics and preferences. For example, when a prospect fills out a form, Pardot creates a score, to measure a prospects interest and intent.


Engaging Prospects with “Surgical” Accuracy

Pardot helps you deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.  

  • Salesforce Engage gives reps the ability to build and manage their own pipelines so they know when to reach out
  • Engage Alerts notifies you the precise moment a prospect or customer engages with your company – you can see the click-throughs and the opens
  • With the Salesforce1 mobile app, sales reps can get the information wherever they are, and make a follow-up action immediately
  • Salesforce analytics tell you when to invest in the relationship, and when to pivot


360-Degree Customer View

When integrated with Salesforce, Pardot drives a full 360 look across all your marketing assets, the sales cycle, and even into the customer service team.


Throughout the Buying Solution

Your company needs the data and brand strategy to engage with end users across the entire buying solution. Pardot makes those connections.

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