In today’s global marketplace, growing companies are working hard to capitalise on international opportunities and expand into new markets. However, those organisations need the technology and tools to grow from startup to established global firms.

As the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Salesforce has already improved efficiencies in a range of organisations and industries.

Just consider that in the 1990s, US corporations spent over $US 300 billion on centralising, standardising and organising its customer, product and industry information.

Today, technologies such as CRM are increasing operational efficiency and cutting down time by automating those manual tasks and freeing up people’s time for more productive work.

Here’s a compelling story.  


The Case of a Global Antenna Manufacturer

In 2014, an Israeli company was in the early growth stage of its business manufacturing antennas for wireless devices. This innovative startup knew something that surprises most people – the average smartphone contains up to seven antennas!  

Recognising the explosive worldwide growth of smartphones and wireless devices, the company developed a focused plan to expand its presence into EMEA (UK and Europe) and the growing Asian markets.

The company’s plan unfolded in focused steps, leveraging the capacity of an International Salesforce solution to lead its forecasting, customer outreach and business development work.

Let’s have a look.


The Growth Strategy: EMEA Strategy

The first step was the EMEA strategy. The research, development and manufacturing operations were centred in Israel, but sales and leadership teams were set up in London to execute the EMEA strategy.

International Salesforce was a significant global tool in this strategy. The benefits were immediate:

Interconnectivity and international collaboration 

As a single platform, Salesforce CRM made sure every user and team had the right information in real-time. Product teams in Israel provided up-to-date product information that the sales teams in London used for outreach strategy.

Cloud-based platform drives greater mobility

In meetings across Europe, company leaders used the Salesforce Mobile1 app to bring real-time data into meetings, while accounts reps used the app to get up-to-date product information and create just-in-time quotes.

More sophisticated marketing campaigns 

Salesforce was also effective at driving collaboration among the sales and marketing teams and developing widespread, focused campaigns.

The management team in London and the product team in Tel-Aviv were working collaboratively serving customers in several European technology hubs.


The Next Phase: Asia Strategy and Hong Kong Salesforce

As a next step, the company set their sights on the Asian market and its enormous growth potential.

As such, the firm opened a Hong Kong office and used Salesforce Hong Kong to facilitate its seamless growth.

Strategic development, forecasting and monitoring 

The new team in Hong Kong relied on Salesforce’s data capacity for developing strategy, forecasts and analytics.

Enhanced scalability

As a Cloud-based product, International Salesforce scaled to meet the company’s growing needs for Asian expansion, including analytics, sales strategies, customer outreach.

Superior customer service

As more customers came onboard, the firm used Salesforce to anticipate customer needs and provide informed, helpful responses.  

As a Cloud-based CRM, Hong Kong Salesforce also meant the company benefitted from automatic software updates.


Using International Salesforce: From Startup to Global Leader

Their strategy was a success.

Today that Israeli startup provides antennas for device manufacturers in global markets. Working across offices and clients sites in Europe, Middle East and Asia, the company maintains efficient processes and effective communications through its International Salesforce platform.

The impact of International Salesforce cannot be overstated.

With the right tools, the world is truly your oyster!


Ceterna Group’s Global Presence

The global marketplace, including UK, EMEA and Asian markets, is a reality of doing business today.  

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