Understanding Partner Levels is Your Key Step


Salesforce – the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution – is a dynamic, comprehensive platform. For organisations of every size and every sector, Salesforce offers:

  • A customisable platform
  • Extensive suite of modules
  • Superior integrative capability

These qualities extend to partners as well.


Salesforce Partners

Salesforce partners bring a true partnership. Specifically, partners help end-user with:

  • Training
  • Configuration
  • Implementation
  • Responding to questions

Partners also provide long-term support where the end users require it.  Perhaps most importantly, an effective Salesforce consultant provides customised solutions.  


How to Find a Salesforce Partner

Finding the right a partner is about experience, expertise and “fit.”  A key part of this process is understanding the different Partner Levels.

The partner Levels – Silver, Gold and Platinum – help users know the partners are certified for training and support. They help select the partner that best meets their needs, considering the project’s complexity, budget and timelines.

Some organisations need an enterprise-level partner – large Salesforce consultants with the capacity to tackle enterprise-level systems. Others find that smaller, more boutique-like consultants provide a more personalised, laid-back experience.

When we look across the spectrum of partners, we can see the levels – Silver, Gold, Platinum – and what they offer the Salesforce community.

Let’s have a look.


Salesforce Partner Levels

Whatever your company’s needs, there are registered partners to help your Salesforce project.

The Partner levels roll out as:


Silver partners have successfully obtained a number of points in partner value scoring. They work mostly with new businesses, small and mid-size businesses.



Through experience and dedication, consulting companies  eventually earn enough points to move into Gold level, where they will work predominantly with medium-sized and mid-market companies.



The Platinum Level Partners bring a wealth of knowledge they can put to use for larger companies, even those at the enterprise level. They have a great reputation, they work quickly and provide superior service.


Global Strategic Partner

The pinnacle of the Partners world, Global Strategic Partners work with large corporations and top-of-the-line companies and brands. They’ve earned their status by having knowledge and skills across several industries, and exceeding expectations and points within the Platinum level.  

These Partner levels allow companies to easily find the best consulting firm to meet their needs. An established system improves their overall satisfaction, and brings a more specialised approach to using Salesforce.


Ceterna is an Certified Salesforce Platinum Partner

Ceterna has a successful history as a Salesforce partner. Having achieved Platinum status, Ceterna is among the elite consulting partners who work with growing companies in all industries.

To learn more about how Ceterna’s expertise and experience can pay off for your organisation, contact Ceterna today.