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We have worked with Ceterna for almost a year and they have exceeded our expectations at every stage. From the very beginning they have skilfully and professionally helped us build the best platform for our business needs and constructed a smooth roll out plan. We continue to work with Ceterna and hopefully will far into the future.

Dean Cooper, Director, Diesel Black Gold


Ceterna have been very professional, supportive and flexible helping us deliver an industry leading solution. The Powwownow sales team are benefitting from a simple easy to use sales tool, and the managers have a fantastic array of detailed reporting, banishing the spreadsheet and white boards for good. 

Chris Pearce, Head of Business Development

As this was breaking new ground for both of us; scanning bar codes for order processing, dynamic permission handling of content by roles and jurisdiction and so on, it was a very interactive process with lots of flexibility and goodwill.

Hamish White, Chief Marketing Officer

We chose Ceterna because they were honest about what’s possible, rather than just saying everything was possible. When we were looking for a Salesforce partner many organisations sales pitch would focus more on how much they’re growing their business rather than what they can deliver! Ceterna focused on how they were going to grow our business.

James Foulkes, Senior Account Manager

Contemporary Controls

Ceterna assisted us in deploying Salesforce and ensured we have a system that was user friendly, flexible and streamlined for all our business processes. The Ceterna team are very professional, and we will happily work with them again  in the near future.

Paul French, EMEA Sales Manager

We decided to employ a specialist to help us and selected Ceterna. We are very pleased with the outcome and want to thank the consultants for all their help, especially with creating the bespoke reports. We would certainly recommend Ceterna to others.

Frank Wilmen, Director

1st class implementation. Ceterna are a great team to work with and have proved to be very flexible. They worked with us to implement a system that uses the market best practice. I would have no hesitation recommending Ceterna.

Peter Mansfield, Director

Very impressed with their level of professionalism. Having used Salesforce in the past I was keen to urgently implement it in my new role. The team responded to this quickly and efficiently, getting us up and running in (tight!) timescales agreed on.

Barry Sheldrick, Director of Sales


Ceterna offer high level of expertise. supportive. communicative. easy to work with.

David De Jong Director at ING Financial Markets 

The team is very dedicated and professional, always available for questions.

Ana Carreras, Partnership Sales Coordinator

Ceterna are a great team and they offer great service.  I would definitely recommend Ceterna.

Will Hayward, Former Chief Commercial Officer

Delivered on time and to spec. The team was easy to work with. I would certainly use them again.

Mathew Gilliver, Sales Manager