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Salesforce Winter ’17 – customisation, mobility & connectivity

Salesforce Winter ’17 – customisation, mobility & connectivity

Salesforce Winter ’17 Release offers greater customisation, mobility and connectivity In a keynote address to this year’s Dreamforce conference, John Ball of Salesforce emphasised: “The sales process is no longer linear.” He’s absolutely right. In today’s world, you approach your customer’s needs from a variety of angles – using everything from collaborative communities to mobile ... Read More
Salesforce – The Era of Cloud Computing

Salesforce – The Era of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is transforming the IT landscape with aspirational qualities for businesses across all industries, and as the cloud computing phenomena grows every day ordinary IT systems are being replaced with smarter cloud ecosystems.

Getting Salesforce Information Faster with GridBuddy

Salesforce users value fast and intuitive access to information. However, much of the time, the simple act of updating records requires far too many clicks to get to the information you need. It can be frustrating and time-consuming but what if you could eliminate all that clicking? Accessing Information with GridBuddy Salesforce users already know ... Read More

The Future of CRM Looks a lot like Uber

We live in a time of extraordinary innovation: the tech world is bursting with creativity and unique, ultra-cool apps are hitting the market constantly. Sometimes though, the idea behind an app is so good that it pulls away from the pack and takes on a life of its own. That’s exactly what happened with Uber. ... Read More

All Together Now — Using Salesforce Chatter for Collaboration

Does your management team ever call for better client relationships? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Most managers have the “connect with clients” speech ready-to-go at all times. And then they demand measurable results. That’s where Salesforce comes into play. Salesforce Chatter is the beating heart of social collaboration platform – offering tools that will take ... Read More