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The Cloud, The Cloud and Nothing but the Cloud: Setting up Your Business Using Only Cloud Apps

We have previously talked about virtues of the Cloud, so today we’re taking it a step further by showing how it’s possible – and yes, it is possible — to launch your business exclusively with Cloud apps. As we’ve said, Cloud-based services are growing all around us, and we are moving away from the days ... Read More

Ringing in Summer Right: The Salesforce Summer ’15 Release

With over 225 new features in the long-anticipated Salesforce Summer ’15 release, it can be tough to know what exactly to focus on. So we did the dirty work for you, and scoped out the new platform for highlights. Here’s what we discovered that really made us grin: Analytics Cloud for Apple Watch In our ... Read More

Apple Watch: Wearables are the Future

The Apple Watch is definitely the cool new kid on the block. After all, it’s one of the most highly anticipated gadget releases in recent years and represents the new wearable tech frontier, with user relationships to their devices becoming increasingly seamless. We all love to play with a new gizmo, and here at Ceterna ... Read More