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Getting Salesforce Information Faster with GridBuddy

Salesforce users value fast and intuitive access to information. However, much of the time, the simple act of updating records requires far too many clicks to get to the information you need. It can be frustrating and time-consuming but what if you could eliminate all that clicking? Accessing Information with GridBuddy Salesforce users already know ... Read More

Inbox Pause: Turn Down Email and Turn Up Productivity

You could be spending all morning catching up on emails, responding to texts, tweets and Facebook messages, before finally getting down to business. And then….ping! That chime of the iPhone and simultaneous flash on the screen grabs for your attention once more. The fact that we’re all addicted to email isn’t exactly big news. What ... Read More

The Salesforce AppExchange Marketplace Is Growing And You Are Missing The Fun

Salesforce AppExchange is a computing marketplace where the end user can access, download, and install custom software applications. Did you know that Salesforce AppExchange recently hit 3 million downloads? There are thousands of awesome apps available to download for your business today. You can watch app demos, read descriptions and reviews on each app you ... Read More