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The Power of Artificial Intelligence with Salesforce Einstein

The Power of Artificial Intelligence with Salesforce Einstein

Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence with Salesforce Einstein! It’s happening in C-suites around the world as we speak. Right now, managers in companies of every size and every industry are discussing the way forward by analyzing their past performance. When you say it out loud, it seems odd, doesn’t it? Do leaders really look ... Read More
Salesforce Lightning Summer ’16 Release – Top 5 Features

Salesforce Lightning Summer ’16 Release – Top 5 Features

The summer ’16 Salesforce Lightning release is quite a milestone as it’s Salesforce’s 50th release. As summer is one the best seasons of the year, Salesforce have loaded the new release with developments that are bound to supercharge your overall business productivity.

Salesforce Community – Uncover a Side Of Your Customers You Never Knew

The Salesforce Community is a uniquely powerful tool for connecting with customers. Let’s face it – customers and potential clients can be enigmatic, inconsistent and tough to track down. They are literally moving targets. Plus, today’s companies are more informed than ever before; they have a range of options to guide their future decisions. That’s where ... Read More

Certified Salesforce Partner

New Year, New Tactics—How Salesforce ’15 Can Drive Sales It’s January, the season of fresh starts. While some resolutions seem made to be broken, your commitment to Salesforce is an easy one to keep. Here are some of the ways that Salesforce is ramping up to make 2015 your most successful year yet. Sales Cloud ... Read More

Salesforce (& Will.i.am) Revealing Exciting SaaS Wearables At Dreamforce!

At the leading edge of technology development, Salesforce is preparing for growth by leveraging the potential of SaaS wearables. Will.i.am unveiled the Puls today at Dreamforce, a wrist wearable that can do everything a phone can, and more. It can run many different apps including certain social networks, fitness apps and of course, maps! The ... Read More

Salesforce Analytics

CRM at the Management Table – Leveraging Salesforce Analytics for Competitive Advantage Your business is driven by decisions. Every outcome – right from your day-to-day routines to your overall corporate strategy – results from an intentional choice. And it’s not just at the boardroom level. Teams and individuals throughout your organization are constantly making decisions about ... Read More

BigMachines Express for Salesforce

In the world of sales, timing is everything. So when we came across a solution that enables sales teams to spend more time selling and less time caught up processing orders, we just had to blog about it. Cue, BigMachines Express for Salesforce – designed to help you effectively scale your business. It is a ... Read More