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6 Marketing Automation Mistakes You Might Be Making

6 Marketing Automation Mistakes You Might Be Making

Marketing Automation is transforming the way businesses communicate with their prospects and customers. This post breaks down the 6 marketing automation mistakes you might be making that you could easily avoid for improved overall business results.

Festive Cheer: Getting Their Attention at Holiday Time

December is full of distractions; it seems everybody is frantically getting ready for the holidays, or scrambling to close the books on their year-end projects. Don’t let December become an unproductive month that your wrote off because “nobody was around.” Cut through the clutter by making a strategy that will get you through the holiday ... Read More

Meet the Future of Selling – Introducing Salesforce IQ

Perk up your ears, small and medium businesses — there’s a new Salesforce feature to celebrate. Building on groundbreaking Relationship Intelligence technology, Salesforce IQ adds to an already impressive suite of intuitive and effective sales tools. Specifically, this new feature leverages the benefits of Big Data by using data science to drive action and dig ... Read More

How Can Pardot Align Sales And Marketing Better Together?

The relationship between sales and marketing has always been very distant. They don’t have the same aims and disagree on each other’s approaches. It means that it’s hard to close deals when both of them don’t get the right information. What’s the problem? From a marketer’s point of view, marketers want to gather as many ... Read More