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How AI Makes Customers and Teams Happier

How AI Makes Customers and Teams Happier

As part of his Dreamforce ’17 keynote address, Marc Benioff, the founder, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, shared the company’s vision on the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Benioff explained that the first industrial revolution was steam power in the 1700s. The second was electricity in the 1800s, while the third was computing ... Read More
Driving innovation in the Hospitality and Travel sector

Driving innovation in the Hospitality and Travel sector

Planes, trains and travel websites In the 1990s, the dot-com era was bursting with predictions that the world of commerce was on the verge of a revolutionary change. Commentators painted pictures of a digital landscape in which automation, communication and data would drive the way forward in the travel and hospitality sector. Twenty years later, ... Read More

How Professional Services Businesses overcome industry challenges with Salesforce

If you’re working in the Professional Services market you’ll know how important it is to have accurate, transparent and up to date information about your customers and services. Read more about how professional services business overcome industry challenges with Salesforce.

On Black Friday, Use Salesforce to Beat the Stampede of the Crowds

In the moments before Black Friday you can already spot anxious crowds circling shop fronts, priming their adrenaline for the mad stampede to (imagined) great deals. We’ll look on in despair at those crazed shoppers falling over each other in the aisles, but let’s be clear – it’s not an effective way to actually turn ... Read More

The Cloud, The Cloud and Nothing but the Cloud: Setting up Your Business Using Only Cloud Apps

We have previously talked about virtues of the Cloud, so today we’re taking it a step further by showing how it’s possible – and yes, it is possible — to launch your business exclusively with Cloud apps. As we’ve said, Cloud-based services are growing all around us, and we are moving away from the days ... Read More

What is Cloud Computing?

What Is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a rapidly changing the modern workplace with increased efficiency, mobility and integration We could call it a trend, but the emergence of Cloud computing is more than that – it’s is a significant step forward in the innovation and growth of the digital economy. Embrace Cloud Computing and ... Read More