What we do

Consulting Services

Strategic Consulting

Our Strategic consulting services offer advice on business strategy to companies on a project-by-project basis. This involves the review of your business strategy with recommendations, improvements or changes that will enhance business performance in achieving set goals.

Custom Development

We work in various custom development areas such as system integrations, Apex/VisualForce Development, App and Mobile App Development as well as Ceterna Labs which deals with everything innovation and creative solutions.


Designed for new salesforce customers, the Ceterna Blueprint service will result in a clear vision and roadmap of how your goals and technology architecture will be achieved by your Salesforce implementation.

Org Health Check

Let our team of experienced consultants help to fix and improve your system, and get you running better than ever. Validate the health of your existing Salesforce Org, identify gaps and let us help recommend future actions.

Expert for a day

Expert for a day is our cost-effective and efficient service providing Salesforce customers with a dedicated and qualified Salesforce consultant on-site for a minimum of 8 hours to meet your every Salesforce need.

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